SRWare Iron is a web browser that was created to protect users' privacy and security. It has been designed with an emphasis on user-friendliness and simplicity, while providing enhanced levels of privacy protection by removing certain features found in other popular browsers, such as Google Chrome. With SRWare Iron, users can access the web without giving away their private information or having to worry about being tracked online. You can download SRWare Iron free on this page.

The key feature of SRWare Iron is its "quiet" mode – users can browse the web without leaving any trace of their browsing activity. This means that all cookies, search queries, and other identifying data normally sent by browsers are removed from the requests made when visiting websites. As a result, your private sphere remains private and you only share the information you want.

SRWare Iron also offers a range of additional security features, such as malware protection, secure HTTPS connections and automatic updates to help protect against the latest threats. Coupled with its enhanced privacy settings, it is a great choice for those who value their online safety and security.